Barn Refurb


A Heritage-Infused Office Transformation

We undertook a significant project, converting a listed barn into a functional and modern office unit. Throughout this endeavour, our emphasis was on preserving the charm of the original structure by retaining as many original features as possible. This commitment to heritage was woven into every aspect of our work.

An essential part of this conversion involved implementing crucial updates to the barn. This included installing new external drainage and a modern septic tank, ensuring the building’s functionality and environmental compliance. In a thorough process, we excavated the existing floor, replacing it with a robust reinforced concrete floor slab, setting the foundation for a secure and durable structure.

To bring in natural light and enhance the aesthetics, we carefully installed new oak glass screens and windows, seamlessly blending modern elements with the barn’s rustic character. Our attention to detail extended to the brickwork, where we meticulously cleaned, repaired, and re-pointed every brick using lime mortar. Additionally, we took a bespoke approach, crafting specialist curved bricks from a unique mould and placing them on the front pillars, adding a distinctive touch.

We integrated modern amenities into this heritage space with precision, including the installation of new electrics and plumbing, to facilitate a functional and efficient workspace. All electrical work was expertly carried out by TS Electrical, ensuring the highest quality of workmanship. Within the converted barn, we designed and built a new small kitchen and toilet area, meeting the needs of a contemporary office setup while meticulously respecting the barn’s original layout.

Our efforts to maintain an energy-efficient and comfortable interior were evident as we insulated all walls and ceilings, using lime plaster for a traditional touch. Complementing the traditional elements, we introduced new oak skirtings and fire-doors, adding to the cohesive aesthetic. Practical considerations like air conditioning and new carpets throughout were seamlessly integrated, ensuring a conducive work environment.

Completing the transformation, a fresh coat of paint and careful decoration were applied to the entire building. Attention was paid even to the exterior, where we installed Heritage guttering, harmonising functionality with the heritage aesthetic. The final result is a carefully converted office unit, harmoniously blending history with modernity, where the spirit of the original barn lives on in a contemporary workspace.

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