Kitchen and Bathroom Refurb


A Contemporary Transformation

In this project, our focus was on transforming the layout and functionality of the living space by combining the kitchen and dining room into a more expansive and cohesive area. This required a structural reconfiguration, involving the removal of a load-bearing wall. Our dedicated structural engineer played a crucial role, meticulously designing the necessary beam and collaborating closely with building control throughout the project to ensure compliance and structural integrity.

To support the new layout and maintain the structural stability of the space, we expertly installed a new RSJ steel beam. Enhancing the comfort and efficiency of the area, we implemented new underfloor heating and skillfully tiled the floor, adding a touch of modernity and ease of maintenance. The upgrades didn’t stop there; we executed comprehensive updates to the utility systems, incorporating new electrics and plumbing to accommodate the revised space and its requirements.

In tune with the altered layout, we adapted the openings in the structure, blocking up a window and doorway while relocating a set of French doors. This strategic move not only optimised the spatial flow but also enhanced the aesthetics of the new combined area. Further enhancing the comfort and climate control of the space, a new central air conditioning unit was seamlessly integrated.

As we approached the final stages of the project, attention to detail was key. A full decoration was carried out, ensuring a cohesive and appealing appearance throughout the revamped space. Additionally, we undertook a comprehensive bathroom installation, implementing a fresh, modern design to complement the overall transformation. The end result is a seamless integration of kitchen and dining areas, creating a harmonious and functional living space tailored to modern living needs.

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